What are UPVC Windows and Double Glazing

Since their introduction in the 1970’s, the UPVC window, a form of double glazing, has steadily been on the rise. From being revolutionary in preventing window ‘sweat’ and increasing security to become increasingly fashionable, UPVC has gone from strength to strength. Overtaking double glazing competitors, including aluminium and secondary glazing, UPVC has come to be the most popular window choice of the 21st century.

UPVC Windows V Aluminium Windows

Surpassing competing double glazing forms, UPVC windows, unlike cold aluminium windows, had an effective thermal break system. This meant that windows would no longer ‘sweat’ during the winter months. While this was clearly a huge leap in the window industry, when UPVC windows were introduced to the UK during the 1980’s, huge improvements still needed to be made. For instance, since early UPVC windows were externally glazed and could only be opened from the outside, there was very poor security. Becoming huge in the 1990’s, this was soon recognised and, subsequently, safer adaptations were introduced, including internally glazed windows.

What Are White Gaskets?

During the 1990’s, manufacturers also began introducing white Gaskets, which formed a welcome change. Initially, UPVC gaskets positioned around the glass were terribly fitted, black and bulky. White gaskets were better fitted, sleeker, and, therefore, did not ruin a room’s aesthetic. Naturally then, they were greeted with enthusiasm. Nevertheless, these gaskets easily accumulated dust and grime, and so customers resorted to black gaskets once more.

Georgian Bar Windows

Towards the end of the 1990’s, people began to sway back to more traditional looking windows with Georgian bar windows. These windows had the traditional wooden frame with extra bars through the middle, for a vintage appearance. However, unlike the up-and-coming UPVC windows, timber frames were very difficult to clean. People wanted traditional looking windows that behaved like UPVC windows.

The 2010 Upvc Revolution

People’s desire for good-looking, traditional looking windows led to the 2010 UPVC revolution. These involved manufacturers beginning to create UPVC windows that looked like timber, rather than UPVC. These came in a range of sizes, colours and finishes, to suit the individual property. It meant that finally, people could simultaneously have low-maintenance and stylish windows.

Double Glazing Cwmbran

Want to learn more about UPVC windows and double glazing and what they can do for your home? If you are based in Cwmbran, Cardiff, Newport or any other local area, contact The Window Doctor today. We offer double glazed installations to suit all kinds of properties, as well as your individual tastes.

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