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We offer professional glass repairs to all homes and businesses throughout Cwmbran in South Wales. Our skilled team of expert glazing specialists have developed an efficient and effective method for repairing glass used anywhere else in your property.

The Window Doctor is proud of our respected and well known service which ultimately serves to save our customers money by removing the need to completely replace Glass units.


What causes misted glass?

Over the life of a window unit, weather and wear-and-tear lead to the glass sealed unit failing, so that water vapour gets between the panes and stays there, misting your window and spoiling your view. Misted windows also look unsightly from outside, so replacing them is one of the most cost-effective ways of improving the appearance of a property.

We’ll supply an expert window repair technician, who will take into account the particular style of your window, and order the perfect replacement, coming round soon afterwards to carry out a high quality repair. Your home will look as good as new, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire window.

Mist build-up is extremely common in double glazing, as the two panes of glass have space in between them. A blown double glazed unit is not the end of the world . There are solutions that don’t involve paying for a new window entirely.

We replace a range of windows in different models/size and colour. Double glazed window repairs require more attention as discussed but a standard replacement can be done easily and quickly.

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Traditional Glass Replacement Service

We also make high quality repairs to traditional glass, making sure that the replacement glass is a perfect fit for your window. From the smallest pane, to the largest window or door, every job receives the same high level of attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.

Broken glass can be dangerous and a missing or weakened window unit can be a target for burglars and thieves. We offer a fast turn around on window repairs and will always work around your busy schedule. When working on your home we treat your property with the utmost respect, tidying after the work is complete and keeping noise to a minimum.

Preventative maintenance

It’s sometimes the case that an early repair or replacement can prevent the build-up of major problems later on. This is very much the case for businesses – a shop doesn’t want to find its window misting up just before its major selling season. We can often spot potential problems and many businesses find this a cost-effective way to prevent future headaches.

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Glass Repairs Appointment Booking & Quotes

Like all repairs, there is not set price on one repair. It is very dependent on what is being repaired and to what extent the damage is. Glass repairs have the same variety of price.

It depends on the design, colour and size. The window Doctor offer competitive prices. We offer a fixed fee basis which ensures you get what you asked for with no unexpected costs.

Our experienced team will respond to your query on the day, allowing for a quick and easy repair with NO CALL OUT FEE. At The window Doctor, we always try to save our customers some cash wherever we can!

So whether you need glass repairs or replacements, come to The Window Doctor, for competitive prices and thorough window services.

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