Window Installation: How Long Will It Take?

Once measurements have been taken and you get your new window, installation is a fairly quick process and more often than not will take less than a day. If you want your panes fixed in a timely manner, we recommend leaving it to the professionals. Experienced installers will make light work of putting up these panes. How long it takes, however, depends on a few factors. Here are just some things to consider that might impact installation times.

Type Of Window Installation

There are lots of shapes and sizes of frames to choose from. The larger sizes tend to take a bit longer to fit. Some types of are also more difficult to install than others. For instance, bay windows will take more time because of their size and unusual shape. The complexity of the windows will also need to be considered. Sash frames may take a little longer to install than other designs, for example, because of the opening and closing mechanism.

The time window installation takes will also be dependent on how many are being fitted. If you require replacements for your whole house, then this will need to be accounted for too.

Installing a window

Replacement Panes

If an installer shows up to remove the old frame and finds any issues, then the process might take a bit longer. Sometimes, if the previous workmanship was poor quality, then some work may be needed to get the building ready for a new frame.

Things To Do Before Window Installation

To make the fitting go smoothly, there are a few things you can do beforehand. Firstly, make sure that the window is accessible. This includes moving furniture, and anything that is in the way, far from the window to give room to give space for large panes and tools. Doing this will help the installer get on with their job and won’t waste any time. Precious objects should be moved away to a safe place. After all, removing old fittings can get quite messy and produce some dust. Once the window installation is complete, the fitter will ensure they leave the place as clean as they found it, but it’s important they have room to work.

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