Which Windows Are Best At Keeping Heat Inside?

Triple glazing cross sections

Windows are usually a weak point for heat escaping in many homes. Now, more than ever, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of the heating in your home. With ever-fluctuating energy bills, it’s important that precautions are taken so heat isn’t wasted. The best way to do this is to […]

Window Installation: How Long Will It Take?

Window Installers

Once measurements have been taken and you get your new window, installation is a fairly quick process and more often than not will take less than a day. If you want your panes fixed in a timely manner, we recommend leaving it to the professionals. Experienced installers will make light work of putting up these […]

How to choose a window installer

Window Installers

Once you have decided on the type of brand new double glazing you would like, it’s important to choose an installer that is both reputable and efficient. This is why finding the right window and door fitter is important for your home. As with anything, some window and door fitters are better than others however, […]

Why Are my windows wet every morning?


A sight many of us wake up to in the morning is that of wet windows. Overnight the condensation has built up and possibly created small pools of water on your windowsill. What causes this? The condensation of moisture in the air gathers on the surface of your windows and as they can’t absorb that […]

Add value to your home with uPVC windows

2020 and houses on stacks of coins

When you buy a new home or are looking to upgrade your home, there are many ways to do this. Adding new windows and doors is just one way to add true value to your home. Here at Window Doctor, we want our customers to have the best windows and doors, installed perfectly from the […]

Can you replace the glass in your double glazing?

Replacing glass in window

When you have an issue with your double glazing, most people are unaware of what they can do and what can be replaced or repaired. In some cases, you will need to replace the whole window but in general repairs to the glass unit can be undertaken. We have put together a short guide to […]

Getting ready for your new windows & doors

Opening Windows

So, you have picked your new windows & doors and the day of installation is getting near. What can you do to get your home ready for your new windows & doors to be installed? Look below and see some tips for you to make your installation go as smoothly as possible. Schedule Your Appointment […]

Replacing Windows Cwmbran

Person opening a window

If you want to freshen up your house, changing windows in Cwmbran is a perfect way to do so. There are a few items to remember when making this decision, so The Window Doctor is here to assist you with our expertise and experience. Double Glazing Advantages Before deciding on the right look for your […]

Finding the best double glazing business

Window Installers

When thinking about buying double glazing it’s important to do your research. You’re looking for the most reliable and affordable window company when it comes to sales and installation. So, here is how to find a good double glazing business in Cwmbran. First off, ask around! Word of mouth is one of the most common […]

Window replacement and glazing tips

Broken Windows

Do you want to know how to make the most of your home’s windows? How do you make your windows more energy efficient and long-lasting? From tiny handyman work to grand window replacements and costly installations, the possibilities are endless. Continue reading to learn a few helpful hints for your window replacements. Homeowners tend to […]

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