Why You Should Choose A Composite Front Door

Choosing a new front door is not just a practical choice but a personal one too. With many factors to consider such as level of security, energy efficiency, style and colour it’s important to think carefully about the type of front door that best suits your home. 

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to front doors from solid wooden doors to uPVC and now composite, we’re going to explain why composite doors are a great choice when deciding on your new front door.

What Is A Composite Door?

Composite doors are made from a combination of materials. Individually these materials aren’t strong enough but when combined they create an extremely strong material along with a layer of insulation between to create a much higher level of energy efficiency.

Composite doors offer exceptional strength, security, and durability, and come in a variety of contemporary and traditional styles to suit any home. Each style can be customised, allowing you to pick the perfect colour and hardware for a beautiful front door.

Key Benefits Of A Composite Door

The most common front door currently in the UK is uPVC. When comparing a uPVC front door to a composite one, the benefits and differences become clear. 

Extremely High Security Locking Systems – All of the composite doors we supply and fit come equipped with high security locking systems that are insurance approved. The multi-point locks come as standard and are CE marked & manufactured to the absolute highest of standards. All of which meet the criteria of BS:EN6375 & PAS 24:2016 for both weather and security performance certification.

Rest assured with these locking systems, your front door will be as safe as possible with the highest off standards on lock technology. Both Q marked for enhanced security thereby achieving the Secure by Design status. There truly is not much better in terms of security as a standard on the market.

Superior Thermal Efficiency – Specific layers integrated into the centre of the door mean that it has superior thermal efficiency compared to other front door types including uPVC which has typically had a great thermal efficiency rating.

Composite doors are consistently rated better for energy efficiency meaning you’ll trap heat in during the cold months and keep the heat out during the warmer months, ultimately saving on your bills.

Noise Reduction – Similarly to the enhanced thermal efficiency of these doors some of the layers not only insulate your home from heat but also from sound. This means road noise and other outside annoyances will be reduced greatly.

Enhanced Durability – The composite styling of layers within the door mean that it is extremely strong and very durable. These doors can last much longer than other front door types. Not only this but they also retain their style and finish much longer.

Wide variety Of Styles – Unlike other door types such as uPVC, composite doors are much more customisable. From a wide range off styles, finishes and colours to choose from, you will be able to complement your home and neighbourhood perfectly. 

We have  3 main style options to choose from; the Classic Collection, Cottage Collection & Contemporary Bohemia Collection. All of which come with their own characteristics to help you match the style of your home. Once you have chosen a style you like, we can make it in a variety of colours to really meet your style references.

Modern Composite Door On Home In Dark Blue
Modern Cottage Style Front Door

Designing Your Composite Door

As we have mentioned, composite doors are very customisable with us. The three key design options give you many options to create a truly bespoke front door.

Classic Collection – A very modern take on a classic design. If you have a heritage home or a more traditional looking property but would like the benefits of a composite door then the classic collection is a fantastic place to start designing your new front door.

Cottage Collection – Similar to the Classic Collection, the Cottage Collection provides a classic style but with a more vintage rustic charm. If you wish to have a more stylish look that keeps in line with an older property then a Cottage Collection door may be your best choice.

Contemporary Bohemia Collection – Favoured by more modern homes, this style option is great for really decorating the front of your home. With a range of stunning modern styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong complementing your modern home with this collection.

The Style Options Don’t Stop There

With a flurry of different colours to choose from including more traditional greys and greens to bright red and purple. We’re sure there is a colour choice that suits both your home and your personality. These durable composite doors never fade either so don’t worry about choosing a bolder colour, it will last a very long time.

Choose from a wide selection of hardware and glazing options too. Our team of professional advisors can talk you through the various options available to find the perfect finish for your front door.

For More Information On Composite Doors Contact Us

With so much to choose from let our experienced advisors talk you through all of the benefits and options available when choosing composite doors. We are able to supply and fit your new front door in Cwmbran, Newport, Cardiff and Bristol. Contact us for more information.

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