Why Are my windows wet every morning?

A sight many of us wake up to in the morning is that of wet windows. Overnight the condensation has built up and possibly created small pools of water on your windowsill. What causes this? The condensation of moisture in the air gathers on the surface of your windows and as they can’t absorb that moisture it pools causing them to be wet. When the water starts to gather it can start to cause issues. It also shows that there may be issues with your double glazing.

Condensation On Your Windows

Is condensation really that bad? Well it can be, condensation on your windows can cause issues. Firstly, the moisture can damage your windowsill and anything placed on it such as photos or ornaments. It can also be unsightly if left, your windows will let in less natural light and the room will feel colder.

Condensation is more common in colder temperatures or at night. This is because cold air doesn’t hold moisture as much as warmer air. On average we expel around 40g of moisture per person during the night too! Which is why efficient double glazing is important, moisture condensing on your windows can mean they aren’t as efficient as they should be.

Moisture always finds the coldest part of a room which, if your windows aren’t very thermal efficient means moisture will be drawn to them. As the temperature drops throughout the night, the internal surface will start to become colder which means heat from your home is being lost through your windows.

Improving Your Windows’ Thermal Efficiency

As inefficient double glazing is a condensation magnet, it’s best to try and make them more thermally efficient. Other than ventilating your home throughout the day to disperse the moisture more often, the only viable way to make them more thermally efficient and prevent condensation build up is to have them replaced with brand new double glazing.

It Might Be Time For New Double Glazed Windows

Replacing your windows with state of the art double glazing will not only prevent the condensation issue for your home but they will also make your home much more thermally efficient. On average your home gains and loses between 25-30% of its heat through your windows which is why it is so important to have thermally efficient ones.

Making sure that they let in the correct amount of heat and mitigate the loss, new double glazing is much more efficient than older ones. This can save you money on your energy bills in the long run and make your home more comfortable generally.

Our team of experienced window technicians are fully trained in replacing windows and fitting brand new ones that not only look great but that are much better for your home. We also offer a double glazing repair service. Often your double glazing can run into faults which may contribute to the lack of efficiency. We can assess the damage and discuss the best course of action for you and your home.

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