What is double glazing?

It’s vital to our homes but exactly what is double glazing ? – It is known that it makes our windows and doors stronger but what are its benefits and costs ?

We will be covering all this information in this upcoming blog but if you have any questions or queries on glass then contact The Window Doctor, Cwmbran.

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Double Glazing & Thermal Efficiency

To start, double glazed windows are 2 panes of glass installed into one frame. Doors are no different. They have a small distance in between the panes in order to trap heat and insulate your house and keep out the cold.

So what is double glazing’s main feature ?

Well apart from looking through it, its main feature is to efficiently insulate your home – making it a vital part of the house.

All of The Window Doctors uPVC windows have energiKare Pilkington thermal sealed units. This is to aid the insulation, so no heat escapes from your home this winter !

Our professional fitters have decades of experience in fitting these units. We can get it done quickly and efficiently so we don’t disturb your day.

Contact The window doctor for more information on what is double glazing and our range of units.

double glazing thermal efficiency

Security Benefits

Heat being kept in the house isn’t the only benefit of double glazed doors & windows. Double glazing has evolved since its introduction. The other main benefit is an increase in the security for your home.

In the past, windows and doors were just one pane of glass and mainly wooden framed. This made it easier for break-ins. This puts your family and your own safety at risk as well as the possessions in your home.

So by making the smart decision and upgrading to double glazed windows or doors, you are helping to secure your house. Also note, that your newly installed unit will last for many years to come with proper maintenance – So it’s a worthwhile investment !

We at The Window Doctor now offer a variety of different double glazing units to suit your homes personalised style. Therefore you can rest easy knowing your windows are both stylish and secure.

Contact us today for more information or visit our store in Cwmbran, South Wales for more information.

Benefits Of Double Glazing & Installation Costs

So by now you should have a good idea of what is double glazing and it’s main benefits. We are not done with the benefits just yet though !

As well as the added security and insulation, The Window Doctors glass also provide an increase in house value if you choose to sell !

With any updates to your home, the value will increase. Windows and doors are the first thing people will see, so make them from The Window Doctor to impress viewers.

Prices have risen for double glazing over the years due to how essential they have become. However The Window Doctor still offer competitive prices – but the cost will always depend on the amount of glass needed/the size of the unit.

For a FREE quote on price for our double glazing services, contact us or visit our lovely shop in Cwmbran.

If you are still unsure on what is double glazing or its features, don’t hesitate to contact The Window Doctor. Our friendly and helpful staff will be happy to assist all your double glazing needs!

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