What is a french door?

When you start to think about the ideal door for you room and making that seamless transition to your outdoor space, there are many considerations. There are many popular styles, but the ever-classic choice is a French door. So, what is a French door and why has it become so popular not only for their practicality but their look too.

Are French Doors The Same As Patio Doors

Patio doors or sliding doors are as commonplace as French doors. French doors on the other hand have the difference of being classically hinged. Although sliding doors do give a greater glazing area, they usually only allow around 50% of the door space to be opened. Whereas with French doors the door void can be fully exposed and give a great connection with your outside space.

The Benefits Of French Doors

French doors have many benefits and they are the doors of choice when it comes to a period style home. We have listed a selection of the most common benefits and if you were not sure before, you will be soon: –

  • Better Light- French doors have a great proportion of glazing and usually have long windows to the side to let in that extra light to your room.
  • Durability- They can be made from many materials such as uPVC or wood, but not only can they have the durability of a modern door but when it comes to style and look, they age just as well.
  • Security- As with the majority of modern doors, security has become a major factor. With modern doors, there are multiple locks that allow your new French doors to be extra secure.
  • Property Value- As with any changes we make to our homes, we all want the to add value to our homes. As we have said before French doors are a great match to a period home and they give all the benefit of modern doors with the look of years gone by.

uPVC French Doors Cwmbran

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