Why are double glazed windows perfect for your period home?

Vintage Home

When it comes to period homes, double glazed windows are often overlooked, but this energy efficient alternative might be just what you’re looking for. They’re more adaptable than you would expect, and come in a variety of colours and designs. Will The Windows Fit Most people believe that double-glazed windows would not work in older […]

What are double glazed windows?

Opening a window

They may be the most popular window choice of today, but not a lot of people know a lot about double glazed windows. We at The Window Doctor are experts on window installation and repairs so we know near enough everything about double glazing! Read on to find out more about this. What Are Double […]

Replacing Windows Cwmbran

Person opening a window

If you want to freshen up your house, changing windows in Cwmbran is a perfect way to do so. There are a few items to remember when making this decision, so The Window Doctor is here to assist you with our expertise and experience. Double Glazing Advantages Before deciding on the right look for your […]

Finding the best double glazing business

Window Installers

When thinking about buying double glazing it’s important to do your research. You’re looking for the most reliable and affordable window company when it comes to sales and installation. So, here is how to find a good double glazing business in Cwmbran. First off, ask around! Word of mouth is one of the most common […]

Window replacement and glazing tips

Broken Windows

Do you want to know how to make the most of your home’s windows? How do you make your windows more energy efficient and long-lasting? From tiny handyman work to grand window replacements and costly installations, the possibilities are endless. Continue reading to learn a few helpful hints for your window replacements. Homeowners tend to […]

Single glazing vs double glazing

Triple glazing cross sections

Double glazing is becoming second nature to a lot of us and has slowly become ‘the usual’ in many homes and new builds across the UK. However, there are still some people who are stuck in the dark ages and still have single glazing windows! This blog is to help those final few understand the […]

How to stay warm in winter in Cwmbran

Model house in hat and scarf

Many of you with keen eyes may have noted that the winter months are approaching, which means it’s already getting colder! With heating costs as high as they are, the issue of “how do I keep my house warm in the winter” appears to be a hot topic right now (excuse the pun). So, here […]

The Best double glazing

Double glazing cross section

There are many benefits to getting a UPVC double glazing installation. Unlike inefficient windows and doors, UPVC double glazing serves your home well and efficiently. This double glazing keeps your home immune from the elements, outside chemicals, noise pollution, as well as offering many other benefits. Look below to see just a few ways in […]

History of double glazing

Upvc Windows

The surge of double glazing truly began in the 1970s, with more homes opting for aluminium windows, sliding patio doors and secondary (double) glazing. Things in the window industry would never be the same after this, so keep reading this blog if you want to know the full history of double glazing. UPVC WINDOW MANUFACTURERS When the […]

What is condensation and how do I get rid of it?

Condensation in shape of a house

There are many things in our lives that we could do without or lose. Minor issues and first world problems that inconvenience us can be ignored for some time but eventually, you would be better off dealing with them once and for all. One such minor irritant is condensation on the inside of a window […]