Single glazing vs double glazing

Double glazing is becoming second nature to a lot of us and has slowly become ‘the usual’ in many homes and new builds across the UK. However, there are still some people who are stuck in the dark ages and still have single glazing windows! This blog is to help those final few understand the number of benefits that come with double glazing and the importance of making it the next addition to your home. So, if you’re one of those who still has single glazing, keep reading…

Double Glazing Security

Single glazing windows can be easily shattered and thus creating an easy entry route for burglars to break into your home. As safety to you and your family is important, upgrading to double glazing will help to make break ins more difficult and this will add an extra layer of protection to your house. Putting your mind at ease through adding double glazing to your home may just make the difference.

Noise Control And Double Glazing

Owning a property near the road or in an estate has the potential to bring a lot of noise late at night when you’re trying to sleep. Now, with single glazing this is a problem because a lot of outside noise gets let in through the window and can be quite disturbing. With double glazing, this is much less of a problem as the extra layer helps to drown out the sound and make your rooms more soundproof.

Keeping Energy Costs Down With Double Glazing

Single glazing windows have much poorer insulation than double glazing windows. This means the worst combination of temperatures we may experience in this country. Warmer rooms in the summer and colder rooms in the winter. Overusing heaters in the winter and constant use of fans in the summer means you are constantly using more energy than you need to be. All this extra money that you are spending on electrics and energy, you could invest short term into double glazing to save you much more long term.

Double Glazing Cwmbran

By now we hope we’ve convinced you that double glazing is the way forward, if not feel free to give us a call on 01633 868 585 or look at our range of services across our website.

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