Why Are my windows wet every morning?


A sight many of us wake up to in the morning is that of wet windows. Overnight the condensation has built up and possibly created small pools of water on your windowsill. What causes this? The condensation of moisture in the air gathers on the surface of your windows and as they can’t absorb that […]

Double glazing repairs

Window Installation

Double glazing repairs are the pinnacle of window amends. Windows are best fixed rather than replaced and The Window Doctor can offer a competitive price on these repairs and on all other window services ! So don’t hesitate to call us on 01633 868585. Can You Repair Misted Double Glazing ? Misted or cloudy double […]

Replacing Windows Cwmbran

Person opening a window

If you want to freshen up your house, changing windows in Cwmbran is a perfect way to do so. There are a few items to remember when making this decision, so The Window Doctor is here to assist you with our expertise and experience. Double Glazing Advantages Before deciding on the right look for your […]

What is condensation and how do I get rid of it?

Condensation in shape of a house

There are many things in our lives that we could do without or lose. Minor issues and first world problems that inconvenience us can be ignored for some time but eventually, you would be better off dealing with them once and for all. One such minor irritant is condensation on the inside of a window […]

When you need glass fitting or repairs

Window Repairs

When you are looking for a glazing repair company in Cwmbran it can be difficult to be happy that you are getting someone reliable to carry out your glazing repairs. Whether you need glass repairs at home or at your business premises the most important thing and surely number one on your list will be […]

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