Finding the best double glazing business

When thinking about buying double glazing it’s important to do your research. You’re looking for the most reliable and affordable window company when it comes to sales and installation. So, here is how to find a good double glazing business in Cwmbran.

First off, ask around! Word of mouth is one of the most common forms of marketing so see what your friends, work colleagues and family members have to say.

Here’s 3 of our top tips for double glazing:

Check the reviews of the company to see how reliable they are.
Check the services of the company to see if they can assist with repairs, installation etc.
Set yourself a budget before going to see a sales representative so you don’t spend over.

Double Glazing Quotes Cwmbran

When looking for somewhere to get double glazing quotes in Cwmbran, shop around. It is important to find at least three different quotes for the same or similar job so you can compare them. The first sign of a good company is not applying too much pressure on a sale, if they want the business, they’ll wait.

The price for double glazing may vary depending on finishes and latches etc, so bare this in mind when you are getting quotes and get the sales representatives to look at where the windows will be before preparing a quote.

Choosing A Company

Before placing an order and signing on the dotted line, it’s important to know all of the necessary warranty and insurance details. You know, what happens if something gets damaged, contract details and length of contract etc. Read the terms and conditions as well!

Here’s a few questions that might be worth asking:

What happens when work is delayed?
Can bad weather delay the end date of the work?
What resources will you use and where are they supplied from?
Does my quote include all labour costs?
What happens if my work is below the expected standard?

How To Pay For Double Glazing

It’s important in anything in life to know when your payments are, how often and how much, right? So, in the double glazing business the same process applies. These details will be in the contract, so when the work is finished check that:

Everything that has been paid for is completed.
You are happy with the work.
The site has been left how it was found.
The necessary paperwork has been supplied.

Double Glazing Near Me

Across South Wales there are a wide range of house styles which all have different requirements when it comes to double glazing. Here at The Window Doctor, we are available to assist with any of your needs. Feel free to call one of our experienced team today on 01633 868 585 to find out more.

Window Installations Cwmbran

At the Window Doctor, we offer a wide range of window styles and a professional fitting service. Our teamwork alongside you to ensure the best quality windows at an affordable price. We make sure your needs are met and you are happy with the service provided. Contact us today.

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