Double glazing repairs

Double glazing repairs are the pinnacle of window amends. Windows are best fixed rather than replaced and The Window Doctor can offer a competitive price on these repairs and on all other window services !

So don’t hesitate to call us on 01633 868585.

Can You Repair Misted Double Glazing ?

Misted or cloudy double glazed windows are the worst ! It blocks your view both ways and won’t go away till an expert can fix it.

You’ll notice a build up of fog and condensation when you know you have misted double glazing.

Luckily for you when this happens, The Window Doctor can offer double glazing repairs so that the whole window doesn’t have to be replaced but only the pane. This avoids big costs for the customers !

We can get your windows back to their best condition so they operate smoothly and energy efficient.

Why Is Their Moisture Inside Double Glazing ?

If you are noticing moisture inside your double glazing window, then changing the temperature inside the house will not fix it !

It is only when the seal on the double glazed glass breaks down/fails, that condensation will get into the inside of the glass unit. This then results in misted double glazing and a buildup of moisture.

So when you discover this moisture, call an expert like The window Doctor for misty windows and other double glazing repairs.

Double glazing window repairs

How do I know When To Replace Double Glazing?

At The Window Doctor, we aim to offer double glazing repairs rather then replace in order to save our lovely customers money. But there will times where a replacement double glazing is needed.

As discussed one of these signs is the noticeable condensation/misting of your window. This is from a breakdown of the seal.

Another telltale sign is when you begin to notice draughts near your window. This is cause for a replacement.

Or perhaps if have difficulty using the window, whether its opening or shutting.

Most double glazing will last at least 10 years after fitting. So if perhaps your windows have exceeded this and have any of the problems listed above, then it could be time for a double glazing repair or replacement.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Double Glazing?

Like all repairs, there is not set price on one repair. It is very dependent on what is being repaired and to what extent the damage is. Double glazing repairs have the same variety of price.

It depends on the design, color and size. The window Doctor offer competitive prices. We offer a fixed fee basis which ensures you get what you asked for with no unexpected costs.

Our experienced team will respond to your query on the day, allowing for a quick and easy repair with NO CALL OUT FEE. At The Window Doctor, we always try to save our customers some cash wherever we can !

So whether you need double glazing repairs or replacements, come to The Window Doctor, for competitive prices and thorough window services.

Contact us for a consultation today.

Cost of Double glazing repairs
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