Bi-fold vs Sliding Doors

Sizing Up Bi-fold & Sliding Doors Through Design, Price and Flexibility

Bi-fold or sliding door? Choosing which would go best with your household aesthetic and budget can be tricky business, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons based on design, price and flexibility to help you decide which works best for your home.

So, which style is right for you?

Design Features for Glass Doors

Bi-fold doors are large, glass panels that can be opened and collapsed against the wall. They are connected by hinges and a carriage track for seamless maneuverability. They need to be projected outward to be properly stacked to one side, which will take up some space. Bi-fold doors can be made from aluminium, wood or uPVC and are available in a variety of colours to compliment your aesthetic.

Sliding doors are also made up of glass panels, but they can be moved to one side and stacked. They can also be made from aluminium, wood or uPVC. Sliding doors take up less space in your home and the frames aren’t as obstructive to your view as bifold doors. Aesthetically, sliding doors provide a better view to your outdoor area.

Both are functional and perform their jobs well. In terms of space conservation, bifold doors require more space to open up, but expand completely, whereas sliding doors are better suited to those with limited space. Both doors are lightweight and easy to move.

Price – Which is Cheaper?

When it comes to price, they are relatively even. Depending on the size of the glass, estimates can vary. For example, a wide pane of glass can be expensive. Bi-fold doors lag behind sliding doors in the price department for this reason.

Bi-fold doors can also be expensive depending on how many glass panes you want, but installing a bifold door increases property value, which may pay off in the long run!

Door Flexibility and Outdoor Views

Bi-fold doors can be installed both externally and internally, allowing for greater design flexibility and personalisation within your home. Their minimum size is two door leaves, so they can fit comfortably in a large space (like a living room) or a small one (a utility room). They are excellent for opening up your home and creating artificial space.

Sliding doors, on the other hand, are better for those who prioritise natural light and outdoor views. The doors are adjustable, but the structure is still blocked by glass on either side so there is less space. Bi-fold doors can be fully expanded for quick outdoor access, but have less glass than sliding doors.

Ultimately, your priorities will determine which is best for you. What’s more important? Accessibility, or aesthetics? Affordability, or space?

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